15 Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

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We’re talking about kitchen island lighting ideas. Most kitchens have an island. Just like a sofa in the living room, an island is an important part of the kitchen. IslandĀ alone already exudes luxury and adds bling to the interior of the kitchen. However, when it is combined with appropriate lighting, it will boost charm tremendously. We can provide you with some common lighting ideas to light up your kitchen island. There are numerous lights fixtures to choose from, but it is important to pick out the primary source of light because it will make a bold statement to the whole room.

There is something known as task lighting. This should be installed evenly on areas where you usually do important things in the kitchen, like cooking. As a rule of thumb, we suggest you work on the most prominent part of the island. Illuminate that particular area to highlight it. To add depth, it is important to combine different types of lights. Do not stick to one only because the kitchen will turn into a boring and lifeless space. The lights you add serve to create a nice ambiance in the room, which is why you need to install some different fixtures.

Types of kitchen island lighting

Start with installing ceiling lights. There are two kinds available, which are flush mounted and semi-flush mounted. The first one refers to lights that create shade flushing with the ceiling. The second one is easy to recognize by spotting the edge of the base of the lamp and the shade. Both types are equally functional. We do not see functionality as a problem here. It is more about personal preferences. Installing a chandelier is another excellent idea. This is one of the most beautiful types of light fixtures. It will fascinate you with the soft beams of light and fantastic designs.

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Some people do not feel a chandelier in the kitchen. They are kind of mandatory for living rooms, though. Next, the kitchen island can also have pendant lights hung over it. They are like chandeliers when it comes to installation, but more simple in their looks. If you want to illuminate the island with gentle light, you can use them. They are available in a multitude of designs, but typically slender and simple. We suggest track lights, too. They are more like Christmas lights, lining up the tracks. They provide many benefits. The ease of an installation is one of the reasons why people love these lights so much. Besides, they are small and compact, perfect for tiny kitchens.

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