10 Small Bathroom Design Ideas

Small white bathroom design ideas

Here are some small bathroom design ideas. If your bathroom feels insufferable due to its tiny size, please do some tweaks right away. Here are some useful tricks to squeeze a small bathroom. Firstly, utilize the space to its maximum potential. Remember that there are hidden areas in the room you can take advantage of. Large items should be placed on the corners. There are corner cabinets, vanities, and other bathroom fixtures now. Hit the stores, and you will be surprised by the range of choices available.

Use the vertical space. Many people are way too focused on how to arrange things on the floor. The area needs a proper arrangement, indeed. However, you should not belittle the vertical space. Shelving units will be perfect for vertical space organization. You can store toiletries there. As you switch to vertical storage units, part of the area can be cleared up. This should drive away the cramped feel. Many homeowners do not use the corners while those areas can easily save the day if they see the potential. Another small bathroom design idea is to downsize the toilet.

Toilets come in a wide array of models. Instead of a large one, please choose a compact bathroom as this does not take up much space. It should be elongated a bit, so it feels like freeing up some space. Modern toilets are made so practical, they are also more eco-friendly. When it comes to colors, a small room should never be filled with contrasting colors. Bold patterns are just as bad at shrinking down the size. Hence, busy patterns should never come across your mind. They are not even that good for large rooms. They tend to overpower the entire bathroom. Instead, stick to solid colors. Choose one light shade as the primary color, and one or two other shades as complimentary colors. There’s nothing better to lend a spacious feel than bright colors.

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Can you play with textures? Yes, but do not take it too far. Combine a few textures to make the room more interesting to look at. Patterns should be kept minimal. They have no business in a small room unless you want to feel overwhelmed while staying in the room. Have you installed a bathtub? If you plan on adding one, choose one that’s specifically made for a small space. These unique and functional bathtubs are becoming more popular now. Last but not least, lighting is another part that can make a big difference. During the day, open the windows and roll up the curtains. Let the natural light in and light up the room. This will the make the room feel bigger dramatically.

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